Virtualize Off-Grid Devices – BridgeWare™ Layer

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Being able to monitor and control off-grid devices important for several reasons. However, because hardware devices are designed and made by different manufacturers, it is difficult to interface to these devices from the cloud applications. From a web application perspective, a device should have a standard set of attributes that can be accessed or programmed. Lack of agreed upon standard on how devices are represented, especially for legacy technology, requires an additional layer to virtualize the underlying hardware.

Omnivoltaic has developed BridgeWare™ to provide a uniform data-abstraction layer. Devices manufactured by Omnivoltaic, or certified 3rd-party manufacturers, can connect to SCADA or cloud service via BridgeWare™. This hardware independent mechanism allows distributors and application developers to communicate with off-grid devices via a simple set of APIs. Behind the scenes, Omnivoltaic has launched various physical data links using GSM, Lora(WAN), LAN, phone Apps, and other intermittent data-packet transfer media. The result is richer device status discovery options, and many value-added services built on top. Examples of applications include:

  • Add-ons to existing devices to provide datalinks to the cloud;
  • Qualified service agent with compliant Android phone, can make ad-hoc connection to Omnivoltaic devices to obtain operation status, for trouble shooting or performance monitoring.
  • PAYG token entry with IC cards that also offer intermittent data exchange.

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