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Meeting unmet needs

Unmet power needs are plenty, and new ones emerge continually.
Omnivoltaic team address a small set of these challenges and provide superior answers with deep problem understanding and technical knowhow.



Basic Lighting and Phone Charging

Lumn™ Series

Omnivoltaic has been a leader and active in this segment, offering, globally, Lumn™ series of single- and multi-light products featuring rugged design, robust battery controls and ultra-high electroluminescent efficiency.
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12VDC Power with Matched DC Home Appliances

Camp™ Series

Omnivoltaic has been developing integrated DC12V bus solutions for years. The Camp™ series offers 80– 1200Wh daily energy turnaround capacity, meeting the needs of most small to medium households. Choices of DC appliances include LED, Fan, TV, Fridge, DC-Portal and select productive tools such as Phone Charging Station, Sawing Machine, Hear Clipper, and advertisement Signage. New products are being tested and certified by Omnivoltaic continually, and will soon include power tools, security lighting, shop freezer and many more.

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Modular Battery


48VDC Modular Battery Storage

Oasis™ Series

Energy storage is key to all off-grid and mini-grid deployment. Recent development in li-ion battery technology and supply-chain maturity have made it possible to offer it to off-grid sector as cost effective and high performance alternative to lead-acid. However, safe and standard-compliant solutions have been difficult because battery EES traditionally have been custom built for each project or product line. Omnivoltaic and partners are leading a trend in providing modular 12 and 48 VDC packages that can be incorporated in many EES scenarios, and potentially offer incremental deployment.
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PAYGo Token

Activation Token Generation


PAYG has become a popular way to offer consumer credit-based purchases of off-grid products, where assets installed at households need to be topped up with credit periodically to operate. Omnivoltaic has developed a solution that allows 3rd-party of securely generate activation tokens. ROAM™ (Remote & Off-Grid Asset Manager) is a set of technologies that support distributors or PAYG platform operators to interact with Omnivoltaic products, without the facing complex issues of hardware production and distribution.
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Device Data


Device Data Interface Bridge

BridgeWare™ Layer

Being able to monitor and control off-grid devices important for several reasons. Omnivoltaic has developed BridgeWare™ to provide a uniform data-abstraction layer, whereby devices manufactured by Omnivoltaic, or certified 3rd-party manufacturers, can connect to SCADA or cloud services in a hardware independent way.

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Device Web

Device Data Discovery Gateway

eIoT Portal™

The purpose of Off-grid devices to publish data to the cloud is to help applications and data analysts to make use of them. To facilitate this in a safe and yet secure manner is a challenge to IoT/WoT developer. Omnivoltaic eIoT Portal™ is one answer to this challenge. Hardware devices can use a variety of data publishing routes, all aggregated through a messaging center, and associated with device cloud shadows, or “avatars”. These objects can be discovered via a flexible data schema, and accessed according to permission levels.
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Productive Use


Custom Engineering Solutions For

Select Verticals

Omnivoltaic also develops “pre-engineered” or “productized” solutions in select markets / applications, especially targeting Productive Use of Power. The goal is to offer bespoke solutions in, and at a costs of, off-the-shelf, distribution friendly packages. This goal is achievable using standard platform technology and modular building blocks. Omnivoltaic plans to offer solutions to verticals considered important to developmental needs: cold-chain and e-mobility.
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