Stina Invests US $1.95 Million in Braggawatt to Provide Access to CellCube Batteries

Ann Dänner

Stina Resources Ltd. announced a strategic relationship with Braggawatt Energy Inc. to enable their customers the adoption of efficient CellCube vanadium flow batteries. Braggawatt will receive a total of US $1.95 million, allowing Stina and its wholly-owned subsidiary Enerox GmbH to make use of opportunities of cost-saving onsite energy solutions.

Enerox has been working on research and distribution of vanadium flow batteries, thus far installing CellCube batteries at over 100 sites all over the world. By providing financing through an online platform to effectively adopt cost saving onsite energy solutions, Braggawatt makes it possible for Stina to latch onto further investments on the ever-growing energy storage market in order to advance as a global, integrated energy storage company for both customer-sided and utility scale energy storage applications.

“Stina is very pleased to invest in Braggawatt. Both companies will work together to develop unique finance products for our CellCube energy storage solutions. Our working relationship will help accelerate the adoption of high quality energy storage systems across many markets where enterprise and independent power generation customers can benefit from demand response, microgrid, and grid ancillary/capacity applications to secure energy cost savings and pursue new revenue opportunities,” said Stefan Schauss, President and CEO of Enerox.

Source: Stina Resources Ltd.

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