ION Energy Introduces Advanced Portable Lithium-Ion Battery UDYR

Xenia Zoller

Energy storage company ION Energy is launching a highly advanced portable lithium-ion battery. UDYR is an intelligent, modular, and portable 48V lithium-ion battery underlined by ION’s proprietary battery management system, software platform, and backend analytics.

The battery is usable as a drop-in solution since it is natively compatible with most electric two- and three-wheelers. EV-owners will benefit from UDYR’s battery management system (BMS), which guarantees better performance and an increased battery-lifespan of up to 200 percent. Users will also benefit from bluetooth and CAN bus communication, allowing real-time, over the air data relay. Collected data can be incorporated into ION’s suite of software applications in order to monitor the battery, warranty issues, and vehicle location.

CEO and Co-Founder of ION Energy, Akhil Aryan, says “The human race is at a pivotal moment in regards to the future of energy and mobility. The stakes have never been higher, but the opportunities are incredible. I’m proud to be building ION into a company that will help lead us to a more sustainable and connected world. UDYR’s proprietary technology provides a small preview of what that battery-powered world will look like.”

Source: ION Energy

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