General Electric Launches Energy Storage Platform GE Reservoir

Ann Dänner

General Electric (GE), a global leading multinational conglomerate also operating in the energy storage sector, announced their new GE Reservoir – an energy storage platform matching supply and demand of energy.

The concept behind the 20 MW system (producing 80 MWhs) is a modular arrangement of grid-scale batteries stacked like Lego blocks. Each of the 1.25 MW systems holds 16,000 lithium-ion battery cells, which are able to release 4 MWh of energy. By including power electronics made from silicon carbine, a combination of features of diamond with silicon, the battery blades in the system become supported so that their lifetime can be extended by 15 %.

The GE Reservoir is equipped with sensors, which for instance give information about the state of charge, the temperature or voltage. By combining it with online computer software and a special app, the data can be analyzed on site in real time and each battery can be checked. Therefore an optimization of the batteries can be guaranteed. It is GE’s goal to provide a single digital monitoring center bringing all data together.

The system enables producers to decouple when energy is produced and consumed. Due to its high power rate it is also able to restart an entire power plant.

“GE’s Reservoir platform enables cost-effective distribution, storage, and utilization of cleaner, more reliable power where and when it is needed most. It can fit into most any setting, from centralized grid systems to the most remote villages and communities. The Reservoir also allows energy providers new degrees of flexibility for more intelligently managing and getting the most out of all their power assets,” says Eric Gebhardt, Vice President and Strategic Technology Officer of GE Power.

Source: General Electric


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