Finalists for the ees AWARD 2018 announced

Xenia Zoller

An expert panel is going to honour exceptional and pioneering projects in photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage with the ees AWARD 2018 at this year’s The Smarter E Europe. The winners will be announced on 20 June 2018 during „The Smarter E“ forum. All companies exhibiting their products and projects at the worldwide events of Intersolar, ees, Power2Drive or EM-Power are eligible for the awards.

The finalists:

Energy company Alpha ESS Europe GmhH (Germany) developed the lithium ion storage system „Storion Series SMILE5“, which works as a DC coupled system for new PV installations, and as an AC coupled system for existing PV facilities or as a backup system. The storage system is silent and passively cooled and has a lifespan of about 20 years or over 6.000 cycles. „Storion Series SMILE5“  meets the requirements for grid integration, is IP65 certified for outdoor usage and can be monitored via an app. This system will be one of countless others installed by AlphaEES in over 20 countries worldwide. The company is focused on intelligent energy storage and management solutions for private and commercial use.

BYD Company Limited (China) is working on an outdoor system called „BYD Modular Outdoor ESS“, by using LFP cells and an intelligent battery management system. This solution is IP55 certified and can be used between -20 and +55°C and at up to 95 percent air humidity. Thanks to the SCADA communication system the „BYD Modular Outdoor ESS“ can be operated in industrial settings. For this purpose battery units with 238 kWh and converters with 800 kVa are modularly combined. BYD looks back on 20 years of expertise in the development of rechargeable batteries, which is united under the company’s core values equalitiy, factuality, passion and innovation.

Dynapower Company LLC (USA) has put their focus on a converter, which has an efficiency of 98,2 percent and reduces expenses by leaving out transformators and inverters. The DC/DC converter „DPS-375“ is a scalable unit with a capacity of 375 kW that is able to limit ramprates of solar power plants and works well for peak-shaving. It allows coupling of battery storage on the direct current voltage side of a PV generator with a wide input voltage range between 550 V and 1.000 V. This technology fits in well with the company’s goal to push the boundaries of science and innovation, which Dynapower has successfully been doing since 1963 by working on safety, life quality and new power conversion applications.

E3/DC GmbH (Germany) has engineered the DC coupled lithium ion storage system „S10 Pro 910“ for storing solar power with low voltage batteries (48 V), which was developed especially for the three-phase grid coupled usage and interruption-free emergency power supply. The company, which provides renewable energy technologies from an automotive background for private usage, is planning to combine its efficient storage system with a high charging capacity of 12 kW, with electric vehicle charging stations and thermal heat pumps. This goes hand in hand with E3/DC’s vision of renewable mobility and independence from fossil fuels.

SMA Solar Technology AG (Germany) have managed to integrate up to 100 percent of renewable energy products by developing the „Sunny Central Storage“ battery inverter with a wide input voltage range. This innovative and grid building inverter is compatible with a large amount of batteries. The robust medium voltage stand-alone inverter is black-start capable and has a SCADA-based communication system. It can balance fluctuations of renewable energy generation and provides a multitude of grid services. The company is focused on a decentralised, digital and renewable energy supply and largely invests in the development of PV systems.

SOCOMEC (France) has come up with the bidirectional battery inverter „SUNSYS PCS2“, which works highly efficient in combination with its battery units. These are grid-forming and able to black start and are known as a „Microgrid Energy Storage Solution“. The storage scale ranges between 33 kVa and a multi-MVA span and is suitable for the installation of microgrids with a large amount of renewable energies. This almost 100 year old company has always been involved with low voltage grids and gives about 10 percent of its revenue back to research and development to expand safe energy supply.

The SOLAR ECLIPSE BY P800 SRL (Italy) is a system, which allows the integration of battery storage into any PV facility. Its PV inverter is coupled with a generator, which can be combined with different battery types like lithium- and sodium-ion or lead. The benefits of this system are the usability and also the small size, which allow the easy combination of batteries and PV systems without having to buy a new inverter.

TESVOLT GmbH (Germany) has developed the storage system „TS HV Battery“, which works with extremely valuable cells and has a span from 67 kWh up to the MWh range. The system is very easy to install and its modules configure automatically. TESVOLT has specialized on industrial battery storage solutions on a lithium ion basis, which are combined with solar, wind, water, biogas and thermal power.

VoltStorage GmbH (Germany) has found its market in the private sector. Therefore, they developed the redox-flow-battery-system „VoltStorage Home Battery“ with an integrated inverter. The system works without an electrolyte, which allows easy installation and maintenance-free running with a life span of over 10.000 cycles. The fully automated manufacturing of the implemented stacks combines great product quality with attractive pricing for the whole system. The company plans to use this easy system to make the installation of renewable energy systems in private homes more accessible for everyone.

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