ees AWARD Finalist Interview: E3/DC’s New Lithium-Ion Storage System | Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink, Founder and CEO, E3/DC

Xenia Zoller

E3/DC’s main field of expertise lies in energy storage systems for the automotive industry. Their goal is to supply homes with renewable energy with maximum capacity and quality. The company, whose name is composed from “einsparend, erneuerbar, effektiv” (economic, renewable, effective = E3) and direct current (DC), uses its knowledge to bring renewable energy into different areas of everyday life. Their new DC coupled lithium ion storage system „S10 Pro 910“ was developed especially for the three-phase grid coupled usage and interruption-free emergency power supply. The ees International spoke to E3/DC’s CEO Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink about the „S10 Pro 910“ and the future of renewable energies.

Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink, Founder and CEO, E3/DC

ees International: The ees AWARD expert panel is honouring pioneering energy storage solutions. What is exceptional and new about your nominated product?

The DC All In One product achieves up to 12kW peak battery power out of standard 48V batteries at highest efficiency (98%), therefore it enables the customer to charge EVs and heat pumps in a new residential power range and satisfies special load profiles at highest autonomy rate.
The product further enables customers to have a defined emergency power reserve in terms of two battery sets avoiding physically necessary discharging of lithium ion batteries.

ees International: Apart from your nominated product what were your company’s milestones in the last two years?

Continously annual benchmarks in customer satisfaction (officially certified), highest quality rates and break even in 2017.

ees International: Renewable energy markets around the world are prospering every year. What is your company’s vision for the energy storage markets around the world?

Our vision is a complete DC system for the household including EV as DC battery for western and mature countries and the same complete and identical DC system as off-grid system for emerging countries as backup power solution. We don’t need fossil fuels anymore and can reduce CO2 footprint everywhere to the minimum.

ees International: What are your expectations as an exhibitor at the ees Europe, which is taking place from 20 to 22 June 2018 in Munich, Germany?

We do celebrate our private and business customers by making them a reference and a standard for a new world, fueled by electric cars and buildings. Therefore our marketing is to set a standard by customers and to give something back, what we got from the market.

Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink,
Founder and CEO,

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