Productive Energy Use – Select Verticals

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In addition to off-the-shelf, ready to distribute and deploy products, Omnivoltaic also develops “pre-engineered” or “productized” solutions in select markets on applications, especially targeting Productive Use of Power. The goal is to offer bespoke solution in, and at a costs of, off-the-shelf, distribution friendly packages. Leveraging proven system solution components DC48V Modular Battery Systems, ROAM™, BridgeWare™ and Portal™ technology, these distributed power engineering solutions offer advanced capability and fast delivery timeline without expensive engineering. Omnivoltaic is introducing solutions to two important and typical off-grid verticals. For details, talk to us:

  • Cold Chain. Omnivoltaic team has successfully tested in house Ice-Maker and Containerized Cold-Room. Powering standard AC equipment with Omnivoltaic perspiratory surge-suppress battery-inverter blocks, industrial scale power can be delivered to off-grid locations!
  • E-Mobility. Omnivoltaic team’s deep knowledge in battery pack solution and supplier base relationship allows us to offer complete battery solutions for retrofit and OEM integration to wide range of 48VDC mobility solutions, such as boats, two-/three-wheel transporter for short distance transit and delivery purposes.

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