Omnivoltaic Releases PAYG Token API

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Tokenization is the ability to top up remote, potentially offline, assets with credit to run for prescribed length of time. Many PAYG systems use this feature, where users that acquire systems by payment installment or on rental basis can purchase tokens to top up their devices upon successful payments.

Omnivoltaic has created a cryptographic key-pair based system that allows authorized third-party to generate activation tokens easily, without complicated computation or hardware electronics. This is done via a set of web APIs. Qualified distributors or PAYG system operators that manage user credit/payment transactions can easily access this PAYG API for devices that have been assigned to their users.

All Omnivoltaic devices, including Camp™ SHS, Lumn™ Lighting, Catch™ Night Fishing, DC TV and DC Fridge, as well as an increasing range of off-grid power equipment from qualified suppliers, all operate on the same protocol. The results for PAYG distributors are more product choices, faster and lower cost integration, and consistency of operations.

Omnivoltaic plans to expand its offering to include remote device monitoring and customizable dashboards as value added services to its distributors and OEM partners.

Details of Omnivoltaic Asset Management API is available at OVES API online documentation.

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