Off-Grid Power Opportunity

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Electrify the world? It’s possible! Off-grid electric power solutions are better and cheaper today thanks to substantial technological progress in solar PV, lithium rechargeable battery, LED, efficient DC appliance, and IoT technologies. Global supply chain and logistics make products accessible anywhere in the world. Quality standards, consumer awareness, innovative product manufacturers and institutional investors are making off-grid electric power a real industry. The good news is that energy poverty can actually be eradicated from humanity, and there are clean, fair and sustainable ways to do that.

Power Generation, Storage and Usage are 3 intertwined elements that make up every off-grid power system.  Omnivoltaic’s pioneering Power Triad™ balanced design principle is at the heart of every Omnivoltaic product. Coupled with high efficiency levels, Omnivoltaic products are designed to meet the need of our consumers, be it Basic Lighting, Home Appliances, or Productive Tools that help generate income. Omnivoltaic believes every consumer should have choices in how they invest in electricity access, short and long term. Omnivoltaic’s Power Cascade™ is a forward looking consumer-centric model for flexible, high quality, distributed power generation and consumption that offers incremental power consumption models for consumers as they increase in their need for more power.

The most exciting aspect of off-grid power revolution is that the “energy poor" of today may very well leapfrog developed nations in adopting distributed model of power generation and consumption that is fundamentally more sustainable, resilient and economic. Omnivoltaic’s Modular Battery framework, ROAM™  remote monitoring IoT stack, and PAYGo Token™ open API based asset credit management technologies are built into today’s product firmware ready for the age of distributed-connected energy future.

Off-Grid power is a great opportunity borne of a grand energy challenge!

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