Oasis™ – Modular Battery Storage

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Energy storage is key to all off-grid and mini-grid deployment. Recent development in li-ion battery technology and supply-chain maturity have made it possible to offer it to off-grid sector as cost effective and high performance alternative to lead-acid. However, safe and standard-compliant solutions have been difficult because battery ESS traditionally have been custom built for each project or product line.

Omnivoltaic and partners are leading a trend in providing modular 12 and 48 VDC packages, identifying these as fundamental building blocks to off-grid and mini-grid systems. This is a rapidly expanding portfolio reflects Omnivoltaic’s visions that Li-ion will soon replace lead-acid as mainstream energy storage platform. Safe, flexible and economic designs will be key to accelerated adoption. Omnivoltaic’s design objective is to optimize module sizes for suitable to mass-production, and yet offer flexibility and integration options. Oasis™ Series is the result of this process, and will be ready for 2020 market introduction for:

  • Off-Grid household with large appliances and AC/DC loads requirements
  • Solar Hybrid Systems to integrate with intermittent grid power or diesel genset
  • LATEST™ (Lead-Acid Terminal Equivalent Substitution Technology) DC12V standalone battery blocks

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