Power Imbalance

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The above is a picture of how Electricity consumption per capita by country. The shade of the country corresponds to the magnitude of the indicator. The darker the shade, the higher the value.

- Per Capita Electricity Consumption - CIA World Factbook

"An estimated 1.2 billion people – 16% of the global population – did not have access to electricity according to WEO-2016, 15 million fewer than reported in the previous year. Many more suffer from supply that is of poor quality. More than 95% of those living without electricity are in countries in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia, and they are predominantly in rural areas (around 80% of the world total). While still far from complete, progress in providing electrification in urban areas has outpaced that in rural areas two to one since 2000."

- The International Energy Agency

For whatever reasons, the world did not seem to be able to address this imbalance, and past efforts need to be re-examined, from both technology and policy perspectives. At Omnivoltaic, we believe the part of the solution lies in adopting the right technology at the right costs that can be sustainably adopted by grassroot consumers. Find out more!