ovCatch™ 300 Night Fishing Light

ovCatch™ 300 is a rugged industrial-grade night fishing lighting tool. The product design was based on light transmission theory and actual night fishing experiments and optimized by working with experienced fishermen, during those moonless nights, on board of fishing boats, on the lake, and through side-by-side comparisons with traditional pressurized kerosene lamps.  Yes, the ovCatch™ actually caught fish, more than kerosene lamps on those night fishing trips!

Using the latest lithium battery and LED technology, patent-pending “wide-area-casting” luminary design, the product can output 300 lumens of strong light for 12 hours to create a 100+ meter radius “light awareness zone” to attract fish. Water-proof body design constructed with engineering plastics makes it suitable for tough and wet operating conditions on fishing boats. The included stainless-steel light-weight stand can be easily mounted on wooden raft commonly used by local fishermen and handled easily.

The result is product that is easier, safer, cleaner and, above all, cheaper to use. No more expensive kerosene fuel, no more pumping or preparation (under windy conditions), no more light burn-outs, no more leaks and smelly fumes. Just switch on ovCatch™, and catch more fish!
ovCatch™ 300 Night Fishing Light Datasheet.

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