ovCamp™ 19in Off-Grid TV Pack

This package, featuring the ovCamp™ 150Wh Energy Hub and a 19″in HD LCD 12V DC TV, contains all the parts for setting up an off-grid home TV system. The use of modern lithium LFP battery gives the system very long life and low volume/weight to capacity ratio compared to traditional lead-acid battery technology. Stable pure DC 12V power output from the 150Wh ovCamp™ Energy Hub provides 7 hours continuous high quality quiet TV viewing everyday.

Off Grid TV Pack Brochure

ovCamp™ 19in Off-Grid TV Pack Datasheet

19in TV Specifications.

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  • ovCamp™ base energy system, consisting of 150 Wh lithium LFP Energy Hub and 35Wp solar PV panel
  • 12V DC TV Monitor with 1366*768 resolution, with included TV signal antenna and a host of standard AV inputs,
  • 35Wp PV module constructed with proven crystalline silicon cell and glass-aluminum encapsulation
  • Package includes one hand-held torch and one super bright 4W LED light bulb, all powered by the ovCamp™ Energy Hub
  • Matched ratings of solar PV, battery storage capacity and total loads, optimizing daily energy throughput (DET)
  • 12V DC voltage outputs conforms to industry standard, and is open to a wide range of DC appliances, such as radio/MP3 player, electric FAN and Laptop PC power adapter
  • Additional USB ports support charging of standard USB devices
  • Intelligent ovCamp™ Energy Hub provides energy usage display and controls, providing protection against extreme usage conditions and extending battery life