Off-Grid Integrated AC/DC Power - Oasis™ Series

Posted on August 01, 2021
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Oasis™ is Omnivoltaic integrated AC/DC hybrid power series. Design from ground up for off-grid applications, Oasis™ features efficient solar-priority charging technology, powerful DC outlets, buikt-in AC inverter and robust protections suited to rough environment.


We have designed this unit with many powerful outlets: Pure sine wave inverter rated (continuous) for 1000W and peak 2000W delivery for 30 seconds

  • 2 x Type C ports 60W rating, for notebook PC or Apple Mac
  • 2 x USB Quick Charge QC3.0 ports 18W rating, for phones
  • 3 x USB ports 5V/2.1A
  • 2 x 12V sockets rated 7A for generic DC appliances
  • 1 x Cigarette Lighter Receptacle rated 10A All the outlets can operate at the SAME time, supported by to a powerful discharge controller capable of handling 1 peak continuous current at 100 A (that is more than 1C)!


We have this unit very flexible in terms of charge sources:

  • Charging from solar: any solar panel with operating voltage 15-25V and a maximum peak power of 150Wp
  • From AC outlet with a provided AC charger rated for 25A. This can charge the unit to full in 4 hours.


Lithium battery safety is a design priority for Oasis. Safety begins with the choice of the LFP cell chemistry, known for its stability and resistance to thermal runaway. On top of LFP, we put protections against wide range of conditions:

  • Over charging/discharging at pack and cell levels
  • Over current load protection on AC and all DC ports
  • High-temperature protections on cells and electronics
  • Low-temperature charge protection


This is power box, and to ensure powerful performance, we have put in quality components

  • Power electronics rated for the required level of operations
  • Adequate level of cooling to ensure long term performance
  • Advanced batter cell chemistry and pack controls that guarantees more than 80% capacity retention after 2000 full discharge cycles.