Global Partnerships for Global Reach

Posted on August 01, 2021

A long chain of participants take part in the delivery of off-grid power into the hands intended users.


On technology and product supply side, design and manufacturing of high quality energy production and storage systems is the foundation. The consumer actually uses the electricity to power something useful, so suitable appliances are critical to user experience, value, and very importantly, consumer choices. Omnivoltaic has been an active part in a number of global projects that have laid a solid foundation to product performance and quality, such as Lighting Global, CLASP, and GOGLA, to name a few.


To deliver products into the target markets, install in homes, and support users through the product cycles, local distributors into the Last Mile is indispensable. Omnivoltaic believes in strong partnership with social enterprises with deep local knowledge and long-term customer relationship. Omnivoltaic is committed to supporting its distributor partners by focusing on its own job: continued innovation to drive product quality and bring new technology into the sector to meet the evolving energy demands and user expectations.


New and innovative business models emerge and help break down barriers to access. Fintech solutions such as activation-token based pay-as-you-go that make it is easier for consumers to acquire credit to finance and pay for products. IoT is rapidly becoming standard features to all “edge” equipment that help operators monitor assets, gain insights to user experience and equipment health, and unlimited opportunity to make use of data. Omnivoltaic is a leader in bringing IoT technology to its product platform, and is actively working all stakeholders to find novel and responsible ways to take advantage of technology advancements.

Partnerships cross industry, supply-chain and national boundaries are making off-grid power possible.