eIoT Portal™ – Off-Grid Device Discovery

Posted on August 01, 2021

Data is Value

The purpose of Off-grid devices to publish data to the cloud is to help applications and data analysts to make use of them. Secure access to device operation data can offer huge opportunities for asset management and other data-centric applications. Ultimately, devices belong to the users or the service providers, and so should the data generated by them. Two challenges have faced device manufacturers and application developers. Low-cost devices used in off-grid on the edge are typically constrained on power, compute and communication resources. Complicated device access protocols will increase the total cost of ownership out of proportion to the underlying device and its functionality. But minimalist device design will not facilitate discovery by web applications.

Omnivoltaic e-IoT Portal

Omnivoltaic solves this problem by providing a portal that aggregates device messaging on a “best ability” basis, while providing a uniform data discovery mechanism supported by BridgeWare™ options. As examples of applications built on this platform, Omnivoltaic offers:

B2B Portal

A web application that offer product distributors the ability to generate activation tokens for devices that they own or operate.

The ROAM™ App

An Android App that supports offline data exchange with Omnivoltaic devices, for token generation, device diagnostics and as a PAYG terminal. DeviceScanner™ is at the center that broker communication to Omnivoltaic devices and other Android Apps.

DaaS™ (Dashboard-as-a-Service)

Qualified distributors can now deploy dashboards on standard LINUX servers that run open configurable dashboards or other data analytics. Data fed from Omnivoltaic Portal™ and BridgeWare™ can persist on the server and are scalable according the client needs.