Omnivoltaic BridgeWare™ Module

Posted on August 01, 2021

Off-grid power and equipment are often power- and compute-restricted. Making these devices visible to the cloud, and thereby enabling many valuable services, is a challenge.

To address this very issue, Omnivoltaic has developed a range of solutions, Omnivoltaic BridgeWare™, hardware devices and embedded firmware that form a layer of physical connection and data abstraction between off-grid equipment and the cloud.

The basic concept is simple: hardware interface components handle device specific handshake, data query, and package the data streams as messages to the Omnivoltaic device Messaging Central, and pub/sub broker, in standard and “web-friendly” JSON objects. Because of its experience in both device manufacturing and device cloud representation, Omnivoltaic is uniquely positioned to create low-cost and “offline tolerant” devices and firmware, collectively referred to as BridgeWare™, that form datalinks to the cloud.

Omnivoltaic has developed both embedded and add-on types of BridgeWare™ modules that are at the center of its off-grid system products, which typically consist of multiple components such as BMS, Inverters and UI. Wide range of device operational data can be obtained and propagated to the cloud as JSON objects. One key feature of OVES BridgeWare™ is its tolerance to intermittent data links. Continuous data feeds via GSM or Lora networks, or intermittent data burst via phones or even IC cards can all be handled.

One application of BridgeWare™ is asset management, where very limited and infrequent data exchange, for example once per month, can support PAYG token top-up operations. Another application is device status logging to help distributors monitor device usage and troubleshoot. GPS enabled BridgeWare™ modules can provide asset location tracking and even geofencing functionality.

Omnivoltaic off-grid devices may be deployed anywhere, but with BridgeWare™ these devices are just easily discoverable as any web of things!