Energy Storage Market Boom Becomes Visible at the ees Europe Exhibition


In preparation of the ees Europe, Europe’s largest and best-known exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, a new press release describes the ongoing progress in the battery development and manufacturing sector, and the process of an improving European infrastructure for an advanced battery and e-mobility industry.

The short press report was released on 23 January, and gives an optimistic outlook on the further growth of the global battery market – from a “current value of 5.5 billion Euros to more than 81 billion Euros by 2025.” The automotive industry is stated as the main driver of this evolution as leading international car makers are following the global re-orientation towards renewable energies and clean transportation systems. The environmental targets of many countries seem to be a further driving force, as they make the storage and demand-oriented supply of energy more and more important. These global aims make a stronger support of research and a progressing reduction of costs on both the producer and the customer side necessary.

The role of Europe and especially Germany in the global competition of energy storage innovations will be the focus of ees Europe. The exhibition and conference will take place from June 20–22, 2018, under the umbrella of The smarter E at Messe München. Find more information on relevant topics of the gathering and the most promising speakers and exhibitors present at the event by following the link here below.

Source: ees Europe

Image Source: © AKASOL |