ovPilot X™ Passes Lighting Global QA

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Lighting Global
“Lighting Global provides cross-cutting global services that support the pico solar product market. Pico solar is a critical piece of the sustainability puzzle for the 21st century, replacing fuel-based lighting with better quality, cleaner, less expensive modern lighting.”

Lighting Global
The IFC Lighting Global (LG) Quality Assurance (QA) program was originally developed as Lighting Africa, and it is being expanded into an international and harmonized standard framework for off-grid lighting and home electric systems. The program has proven to be effective in setting a global standard for manufacturers, and helping the consumer make informed purchasing decisions.

Omnivoltaic is proud to announce that its entry level solar task light ovPilot X™ has passed the rigorous LG-QA testing procedures, and received official LG verifications. Details are available from Lighting Global official website:

ovPilot X™ Verifications by Lighting GLobal.

ovPilot X™ is designed to be a cost effective solar light and the first product in this category with powerful cell-phone charging capability, making it an ideal choice of student study light and general portable task lights. Check out for details of ovPilot X™ Release Note.