Pilot™ X Personal Solar Lighting

Omnivoltaic Introduces ovPilot™ Solar Lighting

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The ovPilot X™ series personal solar lighting and solar cell-phone charger is Omnivoltaic’s entry level product designed to have two key functions in one compact package.
Lighting and cell-phone charging are considered the most important entry electric energy applications. A small investment will bring about huge improvement of quality of life, as well as substantial benefits in replacing fuel-based lighting, and to improve cell-phone usage in rural areas, where phone charging is often a major barrier to continued access to information flow.
The compact and rugged construction of ovPilot X™ also means that it can be a useful product for camping and travelling users all over the world.
ovPilot X™ is the first in the range, and was introduced to the market in March 2014. In 2015 the product obtained performance verification by Worldbank/IFC Lighting Global QA Program.