Omnivoltaic Introduces Family of Energy Efficient DC TVs

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What is so special about a 19in Energy Efficient DC TV consuming a mere 10W of power?
For people who use precious energy stored in off-grid home system, it means many more hours viewing per day (if they wish to…)!
Traditionally, typical electrical appliances such as TV are designed to take power from AC outlets. Where AC power is available, it is just a matter of plugging an appliance into a wall socket. For this reason, most TVs sold use AC power source.
However, to power a TV from a solar home system, which stores solar energy in a battery, an AC TV is just too wasteful in terms of energy consumption. Here is what goes on: electric energy stored in the battery, which is DC by definition, must be converted into AC using an INVERTER. When an AC TV set is plugged into the AC source, the power is converted back to DC, because most electronics such as TV is all DC internally. Even with the best power conversion technology out there, this DC-AC-DC back and forth conversion can mean 40%, or even more, loss of energy.
With a DC TV, the power supply is designed to take directly from a 12V DC source, the there is much less conversion loss along the way. Actually also less heat generated, less noise, and less expensive power conversion hardware costs such as inverters and converters. And, importantly, it is also SAFER for everything is low voltage!
Omnivoltaic has been working with TV manufacturers, and successfully designed a whole new series of 12V DC TV sets, using power efficient components, and optimized power supply. The result: a 19in TV that consumes only 10W power at peak brightness and volume, less than 30% of an AC TV the same Audio/Video specifications but not optimized for power savings.
This is especially significant for solar powered home systems, because the power savings translate to longer viewing time from the same solar panels and battery pack.
Enjoy your viewing. For many MORE hours a day.

For more details, see product datasheet: SPM-19_datasheet.

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